Welcome to Telogo Communications Telogo communications ltd. has been set up with a view to facilitate the smooth implementation, monitoring and regulation of technologies in the continuously evolving.. view more

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Get Dedicated channels or Multi conects to voice in Fastest way
with live direct VOICE Queue status & reports


A Short Message Service Center (SMSC) is a network element in the cellular phone network. It stores, forwards, converts and delivers the SMS messages..

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SMPP Center

The term "SMPP" stands to mean “Short Message Peer to Peer” and is used to transmit and receive messages to and from TDMA, GSM, iDEN, UMTS cell phones and..

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Cell Broadcast

The ubiquitous cell phone has taken communication to new levels, and there has been a plethora of services being availed and pushed through cell phones..

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With the advent of Location Based Services communication with mobile phone users regarding activities, events, objects etc based on his current location has become possible..

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what we do?

SS7 Level SMSC Setup & Operation, Cell Broadcast, Enterprise Grade Messaging (Text & Voice), Location Based Services, SMPP Software..

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who we are?

Telogo communications ltd. has been set up with a view to facilitate the smooth implementation, monitoring and regulation..

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Our Expertise

The telecom sector is one of the most rapidly evolving ones and demands continuous and evolving technological competence for infrastructure upgrade and maintenance. Therefore, the entities entrusted with the..

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Our Mission

The communication is generally a verbal media where two can share their feeling, understanding, and values to each other. Beside verbal, the science has developed electronic media to communicate one to one or one to..

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Our Services

  • SS7 Level SMSC Setup & Operation

  • Cell Broadcast

  • Enterprise Grade Messaging (Text & Voice)

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If you would like more information about any of the products and services that SMSC, Bulk Email/SMS & Voice services, please contact us

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Why Choose Us

  • Expert and Experienced Team We work across the telecom sector and that calls for some very good understanding of the sector as a whole as well as the specific needs of our clients. We have experienced professionals in our company..

  • Domain Expertise Working across the telecom vertical with a vast array of aggregators, operators and others calls for good domain knowledge and expertise. We have people in the organization who have good domain..

  • Cost Efficient Development and implementation of diverse network solutions is a continuous process in the telecom sector, but it has the potential to tilt the cost factor against you..

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